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The Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association Inc. is a nonprofit organization of professionals involved in the administration of justice and dedicated to the advancement of Hispanic and minority interests within the law enforcement profession.Formed in 1988, HNLEA is currently engaged in an effort to increase the number of qualified Hispanics (Latinos) and minorities entering law enforcement and in the expansion of employment opportunities for Hispanics (Latinos) and minorities.


HNLEA will also assist in sensitizing law enforcement executives, officers, community members and government agencies as to the areas of concern within the Hispanic (Latino) and minority community. HNLEA serves by working closely with our youth and other community groups to develop strong support between our police officers and the community. In addition, it organizes and enhances each of its member's ability to deliver the highest quality of law enforcement service possible.

Members of APALA with Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Boyd Rutherford at the 2016 Awards Banquet

HNLEA seeks to unify Hispanic (Latino) and minority law enforcement employees in all communities throughout the United States by serving as positive liaisons between the Hispanic (Latino) and minority officers and the community. It also provides a role in public education as well as community activities in which it participates.

Together with representatives of the other major Hispanic (Latino) and minority Law Enforcement Associations, HNLEA is in a unique position to evaluate, influence, and recommend legislation in relation to the employment conditions of Hispanics (Latino) and minority law enforcement officers and the Criminal Justice System.

Community learns what to do when stopped by the police

Cpl. Juan Damian speaks to the community

Washington National Capitol Region

There is more Strength in Unity than division.Where there is Unity, there is always success.

See the below links to the Lawsuit and DOJ Investigation

Letter to PGPD from DOJ notifying of Civil Rights Investigation on September 21, 2017

PGPD Racial Discrimination and Retaliation Litigation Invoices from Venable Dec 2018-April 2020 Tax Dollars Spent $6.3 Million

Amended Lawsuit HNLEA v PGPD 2018

Semi Un-Redacted Michael Graham's Expert Report on PGPD Discrimination July 16 2020

June 29, 2020 Filing HNLEA v PGPD

June 29, 2020 Filing Exhibits


HNLEA & UBPOA DOJ Complaint against PGPD October 2016

July 16, 2020 Filing HNLEA v PGPD

Copy of Total paid to a private law firm defending racism & Retaliation by the Prince George's County Police Department $6,312,262.11 

Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association

National Capitol Region

P.O. Box 766 Cheltenham, Maryland 20623 240-244-9189Affiliated with the United Black Police Officers Association